Dawn of War – Soulstorm is the third and final expansion for Dawn of War. It was developed by Iron Lore (unlike the earlier expansions, which were developed by Relic itself) and released on March 4, 2011 by THQ.

New featuresEdit

Soulstorm adds two new playable factions – the Dance Macabre and the Chaos Daemons – with an air-based combat unit for both. The recurring factions all get an air unit as well, with the exception of the Necrons, who have their Attack Scarabs unit reclassified from ground-based to air-based.


Soulstorm was generally received with less enthusiasm than the original game and previous expansions that were developed by Relic Entertainment. It received a Metascore of 73/100 (mixed or average reviews) on Metacritic, with individual scores ranging from 58/100 to 90/100 in different reviews.